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Python for Beginners
Enrollment is Closed

Learn the art of Computer Programming in Python with interactive sessions based on interesting examples and fun programs
Enrollment is Closed

Enrollment for this course will open on June 15th 2018

About This Course

This course is designed for moms, entrepreneurs, college students, or anyone interested in learning the basics of computer coding! We will explore programming in Python. Think of it like learning a new language: in addition to learning syntax, and writing code, we will work on developing computational thinking and breaking down big problems into simple individual tasks. The best news? No experience is necessary!

We live in the Information Age and the computer is the engine that drives progress. Computers powered by programs that we write are the best tools we have today to process information. Many important jobs and careers will go to those who can learn to design, program and maintain the programs that will drive our economy in this information age.

To fully use computers, you have to learn to program them and Python is a versatile, modern programming language that you can use to write an app, build a website, analyze data, control a robot or even build a self driving car.

  • Have you ever wished that you could write a computer program and understand how it works?
  • Do you think that knowing how to program would improve your job prospects?
  • Do you think programming is difficult and you like to have a course that can get you started in a career in programming?
  • Would you like to make up for missed opportunities to learn programming?
  • Do you feel that you would like to understand programming so that you could relate better with people in your family and community who are more tech-literate?
  • Are you looking for an interesting, rewarding and challenging program that you can participate in?
  • Are you looking for experienced teachers and a community of peers that will support you in your efforts to accomplish your learning objectives?
Course Contents
  • Session 1: Introduction to Computers, Programming and Python
  • Session 2: Building Blocks for Your Programs - Functions, Variables and Types
  • Session 3: Making Logical Choices and Performing Repetitions - Operators, Logic and Loops
  • Session 4: Working with Collections of Items - Strings, Lists, Dictionaries and Tuples
  • Session 5: Applications - Writing Computer Games
  • Session 6: Applications - Computer Graphics
In this course you will learn to:
  • Write simple programs in Python - which is a powerful modern computer programming language
  • Experience the power of writing programs to make computers perform tasks for you
  • Develop the precision required to communicate with computers which will give you an insight into more structured ways to think
  • Develop computational thinking skills
  • Discover the pleasure of finding things out by exploring interesting problems through programs¬†you write
ACADS Experience: What our students say
  • I could raise a question and stop the instructor where ever I felt like I wasn't able to understand things
  • It really felt like a real classroom and the environment was also very good.
  • The instructor was very patient throughout the course. He very well explained the graphics section and showed us some very interesting figures and patterns. I feel that he should have illustrated some more examples in the collections section especially the tuples and dictionaries part and tried to explain it more clearly.
  • I had a great experience writing code during the sessions and after the sessions as well. It was well paced and very interactive.
  • Everything was great. It was hard though to absorb all the material each class. It really helped also to have the videos to look back to.

No prior computer or programming knowledge required. Familiarity with a computer keyboard is helpful. Make sure you have a laptop or computer to use during the course to practice programming.

Length: 6 Weeks
Effort: 1.5 hours lecture + 3 hours study, review and practice hours per week
Live Lectures: Sunday 10:00 AM EST(7:30 PM India Time) 90 minutes
Price: $49
Course Staff
Dr. Varghese John
Dr. Varghese John

Dr. Varghese John (VJ) is an experienced technologist with a scientific research background and a love for learning and teaching science, technology and mathematics. He has led large technology teams delivering innovative solutions to complex problems for leading financial service organizations. VJ is passionate about STEM education and has worked with people from diverse backgrounds enabling them to discover a love for learning and helping them achieve their educational goals.

Enrollment is Closed