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Data Management Using Python
Enrollment is Closed

This course will teach you how to use Python and key libraries to perform essential Data Management tasks that are the foundation for all Data Science Initiatives. No matter what background you may come from if you put in the effort and have the passion, motivation and focus, this course is designed to enable you to succeed.
Enrollment is Closed
About This Course

The fuel that is powering the resurgence of AI and Data Science is Data. The ever increasing influx of data, coupled with techniques from Mathematics, Statistics and Computer Science, is transforming the business landscape and with it, the job market.

Why be left behind, when you can join this trend by investing time and effort in a course that will give you the essential Data Management skills you need for a successful career. If you learn how to model, analyze, visualize and report on data effectively, you can be successful in a wide range of careers, including Data Scientist, Programmer, Financial Analyst, Technology Manager, etc.

Who this course is for
    This course is designed for IT/Finance professionals, college students, entrepreneurs or anyone interested in learning how to use Python and popular Python libraries to manage Data and further their Data Science and programming careers. This course aims to create a strong programming foundation for Data Science and develop your abilities, confidence and understanding by gradually introducing you to the concepts needed to master Python skills and programming techniques that are essential for Data Management.
What you will learn In this course, you will participate in interactive, instructor-led sessions that will teach you how to:
  • master essential programming concepts, tools and libraries needed for Data Science by writing interesting programs applied to real world problems and datasets
  • learn how to model and manage structured and unstructured data in different formats, from different sources - files, databases and web services
  • get practical hands-on experience with industry standard libraries by writing code for Data Management with Numpy and Pandas, Visualization with libraries like Matplotlib, building Data Pipelines and performing basic Data Analysis with StatsModels and scikit-learn
  • structure your thoughts, develop programming skills and computational thinking and solve interesting problems
What makes this course different:
  • weekly, instructor led, live interactive sessions
  • ACADS instructors are passionate about creating a fun, motivating and successful learning experience for all students
  • ACADS NEXTGEN classroom: Live online sessions, chat and polls to increase student participation, write and interact with live code during the session, course materials clearly organized and presented in course website
  • New curriculum and teaching style designed to be practical, emphasize critical thinking and problem solving applied to real world situations and highlight ideas, concepts and insights gained by years of practical experience which our instructors have
  • Every session includes quizzes and code labs based on interesting and instructive problems designed to give you the essential practice to increase your proficiency
  • Ability to schedule one on one sessions with the instructor as required
ACADS Experience: What our students say
  • Personally, I really enjoyed this course and this one is one of the most useful online courses I've ever taken so far.
  • I could raise a question and stop the instructor where ever I felt like I wasn't able to understand things
  • It really felt like a real classroom and the environment was also very good.
  • I had a great experience writing code during the sessions and after the sessions as well. It was well paced and very interactive.
  • Personally, I really enjoyed this course and this one is one of the most useful online courses I've ever taken so far.
  • Excellent at explaining stuff and answering questions in great detail.
  • I love VJ as an instructor! I think his approach and passion are what we need in teaching and I wish other teachers were the same.
  • Instructor was extremely commendable . His passion for the subject was evident in every class and tried his hard to convince that everyone can learn the subject with ease.

Course Contents

    1. Accessing Data

  • 1.1 Accessing Data from Files
  • 1.2 Accessing Data from Relational Databases
  • 1.3 Accessing Data from Webpages
  • 1.4 Accessing Data from Webservices
  • 2. Processing Data

  • 2.1 Python Libraries for Managing Data
  • 2.1.1 Introduction to Numpy
  • 2.1.2 Introduction to Pandas
  • 2.2 Data formats
  • 2.2.1 Flattened Data
  • 2.2.2 Hierarchical Data - JSON, XML
  • 2.2.3 Binary Data
  • 2.3 Cleaning and Transforming Data
  • 2.3.1 Data Aggregation
  • 2.3.2 Data Sorting and Filtering
  • 2.3.3 Finding and Fixing invalid values and removing duplicates
  • 2.3.4 Transforming values - Functions and Maps
  • 2.4 Combining and Merging Data
  • 2.5 Reshaping data
  • 3. Data Visualization

  • 3.1 Charts
  • 3.2 Graphs
  • 3.3 Distributions
  • 3.4 Trends
  • 3.5 Geo-Data
  • 3.6 Specialized visualization - word clouds,
  • 4. Working with Text Data - Natural Language Processing

  • 4.1 Structure and Representation in Text
  • 4.2 Models for textual data - Bag of Words, N-grams
  • 4.3 Managing language structure - stemming, lemmatization, stopwords
  • 4.4 Application: Sentiment Analysis
  • 5. Managing Time Series Data

  • 5.1 Managing Dates and Times in Python
  • 5.1.1 Dates
  • 5.1.2 Times and Time zones
  • 5.2 Structure of Time Series Data - Indexing
  • 5.3 Periods and Frequencies
  • 5.4 Resampling Data from Time Series
  • 5.5 Visualizing time series
  • 6. Applications: Statistical Analysis of Data

    7. Applications: Machine Learning


    This course will require familiarity with a programming language, preferably Python. We will offer a rapid introduction to Python fundamentals at the beginning of this course so that you can follow the rest of the course material if you put in some time and effort. For people not very familiar with programming concepts, the course can be a bit challenging and will require extra effort. We will hold office hours as needed to support the needs of such learners.

    Length: 6 Weeks
    Effort: 1.5 hours lecture + 3 hours study, review and practice hours per week
    Live Lectures: Sunday 10:00 AM EST(7:30 PM India Time) 90 minutes
    Course Staff
    Dr. Varghese John
    Dr. Varghese John

    Dr. Varghese John (VJ) is an experienced technologist with a scientific research background and a love for learning and teaching science, technology and mathematics. He has led large technology teams delivering innovative solutions to complex problems for leading financial service organizations. VJ is passionate about STEM education and has worked with people from diverse backgrounds enabling them to discover a love for learning and helping them achieve their educational goals.

Enrollment is Closed