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Data Management Using Python

This course will teach you how to use Python and key libraries to perform essential Data Management tasks that are the foundation for all Data Science Initiatives. No matter what background you may come from if you put in the effort and have the passion, motivation and focus, this course is designed to enable you to succeed.
About This Course

The fuel that is powering the resurgence of AI and Data Science is Data. The ever increasing influx of data, coupled with techniques from Mathematics, Statistics and Computer Science is transforming the business landscape and with it, the job market.

Why be left behind, when you can join this trend by investing time and effort in a course that will give you the essential Data Management skills you need for a a successful career as a Data Scientist.

Course Contents

    1. Accessing Data

  • Files
  • Databases
  • Web
  • Services
  • 2. Data Wrangling

  • Grouping
  • Sorting
  • Filtering
  • Projecting
  • Finding/Fixing Invalid Data
  • Transforming Data
  • 3. Data Visualization

  • Comparison
  • Composition
  • Distribution
  • Relationships
  • Trends
  • Geo-Data
  • 3D - visualizations
  • 4. Managing Time Series Data

    5. Introduction to Statistical Data Analysis

    6. Text Analysis

    Who is this course for?
      This course is designed for the person who has a basic understanding of Python and wants to further develop their Python programming skills to advance their careers. Entrepreneurs, professionals, college students, or anyone interested in developing proficiency in using Python and popular Python libraries. This course aims to create a strong Python programming foundation and develop your abilities, confidence and understanding by gradually introducing you to the concepts needed to make it easy for you to master new Python Programming skills and techniques while working on practical projects.
    In this course, you will participate in interactive, instructor-led sessions that will teach you how to:
    • master essential programming concepts, tools and libraries needed to become a strong Python programmer by writing interesting programs applied to real world problems and datasets
    • structure your thoughts, develop programming skills and computational thinking and solve interesting problems
    ACADS Experience: What our students say
    • I could raise a question and stop the instructor where ever I felt like I wasn't able to understand things
    • It really felt like a real classroom and the environment was also very good.
    • I had a great experience writing code during the sessions and after the sessions as well. It was well paced and very interactive.
    • Everything was great. It was hard though to absorb all the material each class. It really helped also to have the videos to look back to.
    • Excellent at explaining stuff and answering questions in great detail.
    • I love VJ as an instructor! I think his approach and passion are what we need in teaching and I wish other teachers were the same.
    • Instructor was extremely commendable . His passion for the subject was evident in every class and tried his hard to convince that everyone can learn the subject with ease.

    A basic understanding of Python is essential for you to be successful in this course. If you do not have the Python knowledge or strong programming foundations, we suggest you take the ACADS course, Python for Beginners.

    Length: 6 Weeks
    Effort: 1.5 hours lecture + 3 hours study, review and practice hours per week
    Live Lectures: Sunday 10:00 AM EST(7:30 PM India Time) 90 minutes
    Course Staff
    Dr. Varghese John
    Dr. Varghese John

    Dr. Varghese John (VJ) is an experienced technologist with a scientific research background and a love for learning and teaching science, technology and mathematics. He has led large technology teams delivering innovative solutions to complex problems for leading financial service organizations. VJ is passionate about STEM education and has worked with people from diverse backgrounds enabling them to discover a love for learning and helping them achieve their educational goals.